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Intradeco Apparel
Textile Merchant GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard WRAP - Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production

Since 1982, Intradeco Apparel has been a world class apparel supplier to the US apparel market. Intradeco wholly owns fully vertical operations in Central America in conjunction with operating global sourcing. As a family owned and operated company; Intradeco has been able to continually grow its manufacturing facilities in Central America and increase its sourcing relationships worldwide. Intradeco Apparel has its headquarters for textile and apparel operations in Miami, FL.

Today, 30 years since its creation, Intradeco Apparel’s operations have grown worldwide, employing more than 7,000 people. The company continues to supply quality fashion basics and thermal underwear, and has implemented major sustainable manufacturing processes. The company oversees production in Central America through its’ subsidiaries – Inmobiliaria Apopa, Intradesa, and Prone. They have sales, design studios, and merchandising offices in Manhattan, Bentonville, and Miami. While operating their own state of the art distribution facilities in El Salvador and Miami, and maintain a network of distribution facilities in the west coast and northeast.

Throughout the years, Intradeco Apparel has maintained the highest standards of workmanship. The process begins with the selection of the best raw materials processed through the company owned spinning, fabric knitting and dyeing mills. Once this is completed, the material is sent to the cutting facility and sewing plants for production. Over one million units are produced weekly.

Intradeco Apparel has a quick turnaround response time to the customer’s demand. It is capable of handling direct to store and replenishment programs. Intradeco Apparel’s vertical integration allows the company to respond quickly to customers’ demands and constantly adapt to new replenishing programs. This vertical integration, combined with its lean manufacturing, allows unique flexibility and quick response.

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